Domestic House Cleaning St Neots

Looking for one off cleaning services or maybe you need help with regular cleaning services? AppleKleen offers both ensuring your domestic cleaning is always up to scratch in St Neots.

We appreciate more than anyone that house cleaning is always such a boring chore! We’d much rather be making the most of our downtime and doing something we enjoy, especially after a long day at work. Time to relax is crucial and cleaning is not a part of that agenda. That’s where AppleKleen are here to help.

Weekly, monthly or just a one off. We’re here to help! 

Domestic Cleaning Service ExamplesFriendly, Trusted Staff to Help with Housekeeping

Our trusted and friendly team members make the experience of having someone come into you house and help with the housekeeping feel comfortable. Most importantly it allows you to get on with what matters, whether that work, looking after the kids or just having some you time.

Housekeeping Items or Domestic Help; We’ve got you covered

It could be that a particular part of your home needs to be cleaned, like the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. A deep clean from our professional team can make these feel like new again!

Maybe you just need specific cleaning tasks done that you aren’t able (or wanting) to do, like vacuuming and dusting, floor cleaning, washing the dishes, rubbish removal, oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, window cleaning, or just a general tidying up? It could be a combination of a few of these items that you find yourself never getting around to?

AppleKleen are the first choice domestic cleaner St Neots to get the job done. Even deep cleaning services can be booked if required. You don’t have to be moving out!